Timber Fencing

We use an Australian milled class 1 or 2 mixed hardwood post usually Iron Bark, all of our posts are sourced from Northern NSW or Southern QLD, areas which have the best reputation for producing high-quality posts. We also stock 125x125mm Cypress Pine Posts. The remainder of the fence consists of treated pine rails, palings and plinths. All timber is rough sawn

A standard timber paling fence is the most traditional style, and most economical.

Treated Pine Kiln Dried Capping
We stock 2 variations of KD capping. 90mm single lipped capping and 140mm double lipped capping for double paling fences

Treated Pine Palings
We stock one of the largest variaties of sizes of palings in Melbourne, including 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm.

Plinth Boards
We also stock 2 different thicknesses of plinth boards. The standard 25mm plinth and the thicker 38mm plinth both at 150mm high.



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