Terms and Conditions


Quotations remain firm for a period of 30 days from the date given. Any acceptance after this period will be subject to confirmation by MELBOURNE FENCING SPECIALISTS

Unless otherwise agreed in writing all fences will be constructed to the Master Fencer’s Association Standards and use timber in accordance with Australian Standard 084/4.2.

Unless specified and included expressly in the quotation the following terms are not included and will be subject to the additional charges prescribed.

  • (a) If blasting, jackhammering and hire of equipment required to due to rock or foundations charged at current rates.
  • (b) Obstructions: Any tree roots, old fencing, building, plants, or other obstructions which need to be cleared by us to complete the construction, will be charged for at the rate of $60 per man hour.
  • (c) Insufficient Working Space: The quotation is based on a minimum 1 metre clearance on the working side of construction. Any increase in construction time due to insufficient clearance will be charged for at a rate of $60 per man hour.

Any existing gates, wing fences or any attachments will not be reconnected and if so extra charges will apply.

We will attempt to complete this job as soon as possible after written acceptance of the quotation is received, but will accept no responsibility for our failure to complete the work by any specified date or dates.


Are to be obtained by the owner when required for fences abutting streets and Rights of Way.


Are to be obtained by the owner before the commencement of works and we will accept no claim for construction along or within an incorrect line or area.


Where it is necessary for concrete to be broken we will take no responsibility or if a hole requires extra cutting extra charges will apply. (New holes may not fall where old holes were).


Where installation or work is necessary to brickwork we will take no responsibility whatsoever for direct or consequential damage as a result thereof.

We will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage directly or indirectly caused by us, our employees or agents to any person, property or thing during the course of construction or as a result of

this contract or the construction notwithstanding that such loss, injury or damage is due to negligence of us, our employees or agents

The acceptance in writing of the quotation shall deem the property of the owner to be fenced or other works to be and is hereby charged at law with the cost of the construction as accepted together

with any additions specified in clause 3 herein and the obligation of such charge shall run with the land untill all monies owed are paid

All materials used and fitted subject to payment of all amounts owing and do not become the property of the owners until receipt of payment in full. The owner shall have no claim against us, our

employees or agents for damages for trespass or any other right or claim upon the property merely for the purpose of recovering the gates and fences from the owner when monies remain due or unpaid in our opinion

We accept no responsibility and give no guarantee where specific types of manufacture and materials are requested by clients

We will not be liable for any underground services such as telephone, gas, water, etc. Client to advise before commencement of work.

All claims must be in writing within 7 days of completion of works.